Don't Let More Small Businesses Go Up In Smoke

Dear Governor DeSantis:

We need your help. There is a bill on its way that must be stopped. 

Veto SB 810 or it will kill over 1,000 small businesses in Florida.

Veto SB 810 or it will threaten the health of over 2 million Floridian adults who rely on vapor instead of deadly cigarettes.

Veto SB 810 or it will set the economy back over $600 million.

Veto SB 810 or it will actually increase youth access to vaping by allowing vapor products to be sold in vending machines.

Florida’s ex-smokers are motivated to find alternatives to cigarettes. They currently have one in flavored vapor. Veto SB 810 or it will destroy this choice and reward out of state black market vapor providers.

Veto SB 810 or it will damage the good reputation Florida has as a business-friendly state.

Now more than ever, it is important to support small businesses. It is important to support Floridians making healthy choices. 

Say no to overregulation and say yes to Florida’s business-friendly environment.

I respectfully ask that you please VETO SB 810.

Thank you,

[Your Name]